Thanks for withstanding the urge to open Twitter and/or YouTube, Snap or Insta (on your phone)… the wait will be worth it at the end of this scroll… Clap if it is, Comment if its not with whats lacking…all feedback is good (for me!)

For those of you, who do not read the earlier parts, I recommend reading Part 1 and then you could jump right into Part 3 … because I’ve quickly recapped Part 2 for you, right here:

Thank you for staying the course and making it this far. Keep going for the practical how-to stuff.

Now we’re getting to answer your question on how do we apply all your new learning to your own startup. Well, honestly, every startup is different, however there are some common denominators that connect them. We’re going to try and focus on solutions to those common constraints or problems by applying our theory of systems and resources.

Network of resources — Image courtesy and pixabay

Vikas Lal Sahita

exploring new ways of doing new things to make a dent in the multiverse.

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